Genealogy without history is simply the science of proving
relationships & organizing records.   It tells us when & where
our ancestors lived. But history tells us how. History guides
our understanding of the choices our ancestors made.


I’m fascinated by the darker sides of history, my own family history included!

As family historians, we can’t shy away from the black sheep and tragic characters in our ancestry. Truly, we may be the only ones to set the story straight. My role is to bring intriguing topics to genealogy seminars and history societies with vivid images and superior hand-outs. While all presentations are historical, I embed researching skills into every presentation to benefit family historians.

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Dragging my boys on another
family history hunt!
2016, TN


Researching my murdering 
10x great grandmother!
2014, MA

Societies invite me to share our darker moments of American social history.

I am not a BCG and, as such, prefer to be called a family historian. My university background is in British, medical and women’s history and hold a 2006 PhD in adult education using historiographical methods. Raised in Latin America by my US Foreign Service parents, genealogy helped me reconnect to my US heritage. This includes 17th century New England and Virginia colonists, Trail of Tears survivors and Cherokee Strip Pioneers.

I am a member of DAR, NGS and the American Historical Association as well as an Oklahoma Genealogical Society board member. A mom to five nearly adult children, I’m married to Jack where we live in Oklahoma City with a second home in Fairfield Bay, AR. When not scouring my family history for yet another questionable character, I work as a disability advocate and family educator.

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I do not provide genealogical researching services for individuals but
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