Posts from 2016-11-17

Seeking Storyteller: Ruth Story Sterling

Born 1901 in the Oklahoma Territory, Ruth arrived with smallpox and was immediately kidnapped by her birth attendant.  That story ended well and Ruth went on to lead an incredible life which she chronicled in Survival: The Story of My Life.  She was fascinating, tough and incredibly resourceful. 

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Personal, Profession and Passion Collide

Family history is not my day job. It doesn’t feed my five, ravenous, teenagers, doesn’t provide health insurance or a retirement plan.  But family history has been my passion since I was a teen and my 2x great aunt, Dott Zue Carrier, gave me a copy of a genealogy she had commissioned.


Aunt Dott was never one to let facts besmear our family tree. Hence, the copy I received had names blacked out as if this was some sort of redacted FBI document.  Who got axed from the family tree? The first I uncovered was Martha Allen Carrier, sent to the Salem gallows by the accusation of witchcraft. 

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